martedì 19 giugno 2012


Hi sweeties!

I'm back! Yesterday I passed my second last exam so I can update my blog again.

When we decide to look for a house where to live together we find a very very small two-roomed flat of 27 metres! Then we moved in another two-roomed flat of 50 metres and finally we find a bigger house, I think 100 metres more or less! With a balcony and a guest room (a single bed but it's a guest room!) !! This is a very big change for me! In addition to this, there is a wonderful haberdashery with lots of yarns in the same street of our home ^.^
We finished the move in the new -provisional- home (we think to stay here 1 year more or less, while looking for an house up for sale) and now I can have a rest for a little while :-)

At the moment the mess is to big to show you the house, but I will show you little details I found here once we came back from Parma..

My lovely mom hanged up these filet crochet curtains that my great grandmother crocheted several years ago (lot of years ago..), and she put some lavender on them..they are so cute, aren't they? and romantic !
And out of this window (it is in the kitchen) she put all the aromatic herbs I wanted to buy







I found also a half-full fridge, inclusive of ice cream and Kinder Cioccolato ^.^ . I was touched for her nice gesture, my mom has been so gentle that I think I will tattoo "I love mom" on my arm, like sailors! 

I wish you a happy week and day, 
see you soon for new project and pictures!

mercoledì 13 giugno 2012

Arrivederci Parma Ciao

 Good morning!

I spent last two weeks bunding all our things, and we spent last two weekends to bring them in the new house. Today is the last day here, so this is the last post from Parma!!
I lived in Parma for 5 years (Dvd 10!) I had a very good time, new friends, new things to do, university... but now it is time to go!

Have a nice day!
See you soon from Fano :-)