giovedì 16 agosto 2012

Wedding gifts! #1

We are waiting for the 1st of September, the wedding day! We made almost all the thing we had to do for the organization and we can't wait to see our guests and family which will join us from Spain, Portugal, England and Italy of course!
On Monday two of my maids of honour (we will celebrate one wedding in Italy -the civil one- and one in Spain -the religious one- so we have more than two maid and man of honour ) Anna and Lara which are also two of my closest friends came here for dinner and -surprise!- they bring us our first wedding gift! You had to see my face when I opened the box. Maybe once I said them I would like to buy it because I love it, and its design but yesterday I really dindn't expect it !


The wonderful, original, irresistible, red one, Kitchen Aid !!!!! 

Perfect in our kitchen! 

We were in the living room and I started to jump all around for the happiness! And I had tears in my eyes!
My lovely friends, I really adore them, said that from today onwards I will have to cook them cakes and biscuits for breakfast. Well, consider it done! 

Thank you so much my dear friends! 
We made me (and Dvd of course) soooo happy :-)

martedì 14 agosto 2012

A catbed for Totoro

Goodmorning friends!

When we moved in this house, I decided to make a new catbed for Totoro, because I did not like the catbeds on sale. So I bought a ball of tissue that is usually used to make bags.

Then when I finished the ball, the only one I bought, I continued with wool-acrylic yarn of different colours

And as you can see, Totoro appreciate very very much his new bed! 

Totoro loves to have dozes, lots of dozes everyday, probably he learned from Dvd ..

My sweet sleepyheads !