mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012

Cappello presto fatto! (Dvd hat)

Last weeks were very cold (like -13°Celsius) and Dvd forgot his hat inside his car. And his car is to the mechanic garage. So, after a day of boring study I went to the yarn shop and I bought some warn yarn to make a hat for Dvd. 
I choose a pattern on Raverly for a very simple and fast hat. 

I can show you only these picture because at the moment I have no picture of the finished hat!
I sewed it on the back side but for the next time I would like to use circular needle (now I have only one 3.5 mm circular needle but very very awkward because the cable spin around (?) ) : yesterday I bought the KnitPro Starter Kit on Get Knitted so I can learn to use circular needles too..can't wait !

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  1. Hi, Amelita! -13 dgr C!!!! In Italia!!!! WOW!!!!
    Your knitting so cute. May be next time you share with us some pictures of finished hat? Thanks for link to Get Knitted :o) will check it :o)
    P.S. Nobody makes me a birthday cake since I was a child (just myself) ;O)
    Take care