giovedì 23 febbraio 2012


Hello sweeties,
I came back in Parma yesterday night, I spent last 10 days at home with my family and yesterday we said goodbye for the last time to my dear Grandpa, who died on Monday 20th in the morning. I'm a little bit sad but I'm proud of my Grandma because she decide to donate his organs and now three people could begin a new life. This help me to make a sense to a sudden and unexpected death.
I will remember my Granpa forever and I will honour him making the things I always made with him and with all the family.
I show you this picture (2 years ago in January), where you can see Dvd with my Granpa Luigi, absorbed in the fine art of making sausages (yes, every year we make sausages, ham and other delicious things with pork meat).

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  1. Amelita, questa foto e` preziosa. I`m realy sorry.
    take care