venerdì 26 ottobre 2012

Our Special Day, Marriage! #2

Hi Everybody!

I'm so sorry for not posting, but now I have lots of picture to show you of our special day!

Can you see the blue flowers? I love them, they are perfect with gypsophila !(thank you mom!)

Here my cousin Silvia is bringing the speech to my father : a big pack of paper! 

My father looking for the speech inside the pack..he likes joking too much :-)

A picture with ours parents, do you like my mother's dress (red one) ? I think she was wonderful! 

My parents and my brother with his girlfriend 

The restaurant
Landscape from the restaurant

Carved Grana Padano cheese, with flower and ours name  

This is our table, with some of the flowers my mom made as decoration

Other flowers made with Fanta plastic bottle 

Menu and name of this table : we decided to choose a poet for each table and David chose one poetry per table

My precious bouquet and the bobbin-lace handkerchief that David's grandmother made for me (to hold the bouquet)

Carved watermelons ...

 ...and...the wedding cake! 
 We chose an ice-cream cake

A friend of us, Marica made the statuettes with "fimo", I can't translate it... it is something similar to the Plasticine, but you have to put it in the oven to harden it. 

What do you think about the pictures? I think we had a really wonderful and precious wedding, nothing was wrong! We are really really happy of our work! 

Have a nice weekend!