domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Wedding n°2 and other stories

Hello my dear friends!
First of all I wish you a happy new year and I hope you had a joyful Christmas with your family and friends!
We passed a different Christmas this year because me and my family went to Spain, where me and Dvd got married AGAIN (with a Catholic rite).

The weather was wonderful, so warm! And the 26 of December we took a walk on the beach and it was perfect! We spent all the time in Tarragona with our friends Anna e Lara and my family went to Barcellona. 

We came back on 27th of December and we celebrated a Christmas post Christmas on 29th with my grandmother. 
(I'm sorry for these last pictures, I took them with my phone...)

Dvd said: "this year I didn't know what to give you as a present. So I read all the forum about sewing and then I decided for this one". 

OOOOOOOOOH ! Isn't him adorable??? My first sewing machine!! 

I gave him a remote-controlled helicopter. I know he wanted one of it, I bought it and I had to fight with him in Spain because he saw one of it in a shop and he wanted to buy it there! ...

...But finally it had been worth the trouble :D 

I had to say this had been a very rich Christmas, my mom gave me a pearl necklace, my grandmother pearl earrings and my aunt a pearl bracelet..."because it is Christmas and because you get married, you need something to wear". I love my family, they are really lovely people, and not only for the presents. 
I'm a lucky girl and I hope this new year will be better than the last one. Well, we organized two wedding and they were perfect, we spent time with friends and we had lot of fun. But we lost a special person, my beloved grandfather and lots of people we met in our life passed away this year. An italian proverb say that leap years are fatal, that people and animal die, so I hope all will be better now. 

I have my last exam next week so, I think we will see again after it! 
Hugs and kisses !