mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012

Let it snow!

Hi dears,
I know, I know, I appear and disapperar..but you know, study before all other things!

In this period happened two rare events:

. earthquake, two times, big earthquake but not so big to destroy house or other things. Anyway Totoro, Dvd and I, we get soo frightened.

. Snow. Ok, it's winter and snow it's normal. Usually in the city we have just a little bit of snow, and on the  coast it's very very difficult to see snow. On the contrary, in the countryside it snow pretty much.

But this year, it's snowing also on the coast, lots of town are in trouble, some road are closed, and in the countryside, where my grandma lives, there are so much problems. There snow is taller than 1 meter, and on the house of my grandma a chimneypot fallen down! 
Fortunately here in Parma roads are free from snow, we have no problem here. However you can see the pictures of a dazed cat that see snow for the first time! 

Have a nice day!

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