martedì 24 gennaio 2012


Natalia asked me the tartelettes recipe (you can see the picture in my last post), so, voilà!

Tartelettes with extra dark chocolate and raspberry

For 9 tartelettes (more or less)

.200 g shortcrust pastry (pasta brisée)
.100 g chocolate extra dark
.125 g sugar
.25 cl whipping cream (liquid)
.2 eggs

Heat up the oven until 180°. Cut the chocolate into little pieces. Separate egg white and yolk : put egg white in the fridge and put the yolk in a bowl. Whip up the yalk with 100 g of sugar until the mixture seems to be white ( more clear) add the whipping cream and mix.
Cut the shortcrust pastry with a round cutter and put them into the round moulds.
Punch the end of pastry with a fork, put little pieces of chocolate on the pastry and then add the cream mix.
Put the mould in the oven for 20 minutes.
Take the tartelettes out of the oven and wait until the are tiepid then put the raspberry on the tartelettes.

Beat the egg whites with 25 g sugar (add it little by little) until stiff . Put a little bit of meringue on the tartelettes and put them into the oven to grill for 5 minutes until they are golden brown (and pay attention they didn't burn).  
Wait until they will be tiepid and enjoy your meal! 

!!! BUT !!!

I noted I make a mistake : first time I cooked these tartelettes I put 25 ml of whipping cream instead of 25 cl. The cream was dense and taste sooo good.
Yesterday I tried to cook again tartelettes with 25 cl of whipping cream : the cream is more liquid, and I didn't like them as the first version. 

So, next time I think I will repeat my mistake because the taste was really better! 

La prossima volta metto anche la traduzione in italiano! 
Adesso posto se no non finisco più! 

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  1. WOW, AMELITA! Sounds soooo good! I`ll try to make them this weekend :o) Thank you SO MUCH! Will repeat your "mistake" :o) Grazie mille per scrivere su di me ;o)
    Tanti baci