lunedì 16 luglio 2012

Butterfly Mobile

Hello !
Since I live in this new house I'm not able to write posts...I don't know why..  but I have a lot of things to show you. In last months I made one knitted shawl (the first one!), a crochet shrug, a bikini for a friend of mine. Then I'm doing 2 little gifts for the children of my cousin and a catbed for Totoro ! So, I have a million of picture to updade!

Today I will show you the Butterfly Mobile  that I decided to give as a gift to my cousin for the birth of her second child, she is born some weeks ago. First of all I made the cloud (but I forgot to take a picture of it before I joined it to the butterflies).

Then I made the butterflies 

And then I joined all the pieces 

Do you like it? I think it is wonderful! 

I say sorry to you all for my rare posts. I wish you a good and sunny week! 
Thank you for reading my little blog! 
See you !

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  1. Hi, Amelita! Glad you're back :o) What about your butterfly mobile? Well...what can I say? Like always FaBuLoUs!!! I'm in love with it! It looks so sweet and cute and will be a perfect gift too! You clever thing :o)
    Tanti baci