mercoledì 28 marzo 2012


Last July we chose the restaurant for the wedding. We chose it in July, more than one year before the wedding because we have lot of guests that come from Europe, and we wanted they could book the flight without spending a fortune. Last Monday I called to the restaurant to be sure all the things are ok, and to make an appointment to decide details. They said, yes, no problems.
Then on Sunday (same week I called them), they called me to say "there is a little problem".
For me a little problem is something like, "I write your name without a letter", NOT "WE SOLD THE DATE OF YOUR WEDDING TO ANOTHER COUPLE". They make this "mistake" on December, and they said it to me only now, in March, 4 months before wedding, only because I called them.
They said, "Sorry but, we lost your phone number" and other stupid things.
I don't know what people say in English for this kind of things, but, I have no words.
Fortunately our wedding is on Saturday, and we found immediately another restaurant, but if the wedding was on Sunday, no way to find another restaurant. No way.
They say to me " You can change the date of the wedding, so you can come here!"....Yes, of course!
We never get bored .__.

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