martedì 6 marzo 2012

Wedding in Progress

When Dvd asked me to merry him *.* ( my friend Giulia says that Dvd is the last man of a line extinct by now) , I was so happy and excited and happy that I bought all the wedding magazine like Vogue Sposa (= bride) that I could find. In one of these magazines I found the review of  this book : "Handmade Weddings" . I decided to buy it immediately. We falled in love with a kind of wedding invitation we found in this book and as soon as possible I will show you them.
We had lots of idea about arrangement, then my mother tried to make some flowers with plastic bottles and some others with tissue paper : they are wonderful so we decided to base our wedding on recycle.
We bought recycled paper to make the invitation card and after several tests, we are almost sure they are perfect (well, perfect for us, you can approve or reject them!) .
Now, voilà some of the fowers my mom has just made :

It's a little bit difficult to understand how they are made with picture, but I like them very much!
What do you think about them?
See you soon with big news :-)

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  1. Ciao, Amelita! Che bella noticia! I`m so glad for you :o) Hope to see more your preparations. Your Mom made such a beutiful flowers! I love`em! Realy SUPER CUTE!
    Have a happy week
    Tanti baci