sabato 14 aprile 2012

Nuovo netbook, nuova custodia !

I finished my new project, in my last post it was not sewed, then yesterday I bought this button (incredibly the only coloured button I found and they cost 0,60 euro per button -too much-) and this morning I'm ready to show you the sleeve for my new netbook ! 

I hope you like it, I'm so proud of my work! 
And for the future, I decided to buy buttons from The Button Company , they are wonderful!
Have a good weekend, see you soon! 

1 commento:

  1. Oooh my Gosh! Amelita your sleeve is beautiful, what a great idea! I need to make one :o)
    Sorry to hear you had a problem with the restorant, hope you found another charming place to celebrate your day :o)
    Have a happy week