domenica 20 maggio 2012

Wedding Invitations

Hi Everybody!
We had a very fizzy nigth, with an earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale! Today in the afternoon another one measuring 5.1... Stop it please!   

I told you I will post my wedding invitations, I think it's time to do it : 

I made 3 cards, one for the ceremony, one for the restaurant (very simple, not showed) and one for the confirmation (well, our guests can simply send us a mail  but it was funny :-) )

To make the white and red part I used a "magic powder" :
First of all I put the glue on the card with a  in - relief silicone mould

Then I put on the glue, the powder 

Then I heated up (?) the mix of glue and powder with a special dryer in the shape of a pen and voilà ! 

Do you like our recycled paper invitations? 

I wish you a wonderful week! 
See you soon (well, I hope soon) 
Kisses from Italy :-) 

1 commento:

  1. Ma come sono belli questi inviti! Sei davvero bravissima, Amelita! A me piaciiono tantissimo!!!
    Manda a me il tuo indirizzo per spedirti un regalino, per favore :o)
    Un bacione grandissimo a te e a tutta la Famiglia dalla Russia
    Natasha & Glazachev Fam.