lunedì 21 maggio 2012

Wedding invitations #2

I thought maybe you would like to know what I used to make my invitations...I mean all the things. So I took some other pictures.

I went in a stamp shop and I asked if they could make the "grande giorno" stamp for me. The outside part is in plastic, and the stamp is made of silicone and it cost 14 euro.


In the same shop where I bought recycled paper and envelopes, I also bought the heat gun, powders and silicone moulds. 

The heat gun

Here you can see the hearts plant and the heart I used on the cards

To use them  you have to put them on a rigid base, I bough this plastic base, but you can use also something like a ruler. 

Red powder (Aladine) and  the white one (Artemio) are embossing powders, then embossing glue tone on tone (Top Boss Watermark) 

These are all the things I used to prepare my weddings invitations. 


Last year I bough also this silicone stamps because I think I can use them in future, the theme of this package is "hand-knitting" I can not buy it ! 

Have a nice day and week!

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  1. Ciao, Amelita! Thanks for sharing! I just thought "how she made them?" :o) It was very useful, thanks!
    Sei molto brava!

  2. Ho dimenticato una cosa!
    Please, came to enter into my giveaway, Amelita :o)