mercoledì 30 maggio 2012


Good morning sweeties,

since yesterday I am on strike because of earthquake. I know the house where I live is safe, I know what to do in case of earthquake and it is not the first earthquake this year. But yesterday morning I was tooking a shower when the house trembled. And then while the pasta was on the fire, another strong shake. And another.
So I decided to go to the park, fortunately it was a sunny day. I slept very bad, now I can't calm down, so I am waiting the washing machine finish its work and the I will go out profit by another sunny day : pilates and the study in the park..and maybe some rows of crochet.

Have a nice day!
kisses from Italy

4 commenti:

  1. Hi, Amelita! I know how it is to fill eathquake. I was 8 y.o. when I was at school and all our school was shaked! It was a happy encident per fortuna. But we were scared for long time (Ok I was :o) God save you you and all your Family!

  2. Cazzarola...non deve essere per niente facile mantenere la calma in questo momento. Ho vissuto anni fa il terremoto dell'Umbria, ma allora la nostra casa fu danneggiata solo marginalmente e fu facilmente senso di impotenza però resta :(
    Un abbraccio!

  3. Hi Amelita, I came across your blog on Natalia's and am alarmed to read this post of hyours. We heard about the earthquakes , here in the UK and were very sad for you all. My son is a police officer in New Zealand and has twice flown down to Christchurch after their terrible earthquakes. PLease God you are spared any more, and keep you safe. Lynnexxx

  4. Hi Lynne, thank you so much for your kind thought, I really appreciate it! Now I am a little bit calm. Fortunately we live 70 km far from the epicentre and here in Parma we had no problem and our house is intact and in addition we are moving in another region, in Fano (Marche) in view of our wedding. Thank you again for your thought, have a nice day!