domenica 24 febbraio 2013


Hello dear friend,

It has been a very demanding period. After the Spanish wedding I studied intensely and I passed the last exam, the bigger one! Now I'm writing my graduation thesis and during the last week of March I will finally graduate!
And then I will be able to take a rest and I will finally try my new sewing machine!
In January we visited several house because we want to buy one and we after a little survey we find it!
We find a house in a little town in the country (but near to the sea) surrounded by olive tree groves (in this town they produced olive oil ). I will show you the picture as soon as we will close the transaction!
Now I can say you that is a house with 4 little floor (but in one of this floor there is only the entrance with an access room) with a garden. I'm so happy because I wanted (if possible) a house with a garden and I got it!  

I wish you a good week!
See you!

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  1. Ciao, Amelita! Sono contentissima che tu hai trovato la casa con il giardino! Che bello! Auguroni che hai datto l'esame :o) Aspetto le foto della nuova casa :0)
    tanti baci