martedì 12 marzo 2013

Yarn again! (finally!)

Hi Everybody!

As I told you last time, in this period I had to study a lot but now I finally finished to write my graduation thesis and on Monday 25, I will graduate :D yeeeey! I'm dread but I hope to survive.

Since I finished to write my thesis I completed a shawl that I started in November, and with the remaining yarn I began to knit a gilet; I thought the yarn was enough but I was wrong :-/ .. I came back to the shop but they told, they sold me lasts two balls of yarn and that this yarn is no more in production! I think I had to start something else, something smaller :-/

But I restarted a crochet blanket - before the move I want to work off the yarn in stash :-) -

Ta-daaaaaa ! 
Do you like the colors? 

I hope you are fine, I and I hope you a nice week! 

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