giovedì 4 aprile 2013

Hop Hop Graduate!

Goooood morning!

Mission accomplished! I have done with university! Yeeeey!

On Monday 25 we went to Parma, where I studied, for the academic defence and now I can dedicate my time learning to use my sewing machine and to plan the restoration/furniture of our new house!!.... ah! some weeks ago I decided to buy an Ukulele, so I will spend a little bit of my time learning how to play it :D
Voilà some picture of my third special day (1 and 2 #wedding)

..waiting for the verdict

final grades..

..104/110 !


me and Dvd

my Family 

my friends 

my friends/best women

..little celebration all together! 

Well, in the next post, if we will have finish with the procedure, I will show you the picture of our house! 

Have a nice day! 

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  1. Ma come sei bravissima e bellissima, Amelita!!!!!!! E la tua Mamma è bella! Queste foto sono meravigliose!!!! Auguri da Mosca a tutta la Famiglia!!!!